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Happy International Women's Day

Happy International Women’s Day chicks! This year, the feeling surrounding this holiday is more powerful than the last. With the marches and protests that have been happening in the months leading up to this day, it seems like its been International Women’s Year. Every month since the new year there’s been a surge of GRL PWR! being thrust into the universe.

Today is a day dedicated to being bold for a change. This slogan is quite intimidating at first glance because it demands that you be brave and make a change with unflinching confidence. This slogan accuses us (some, rightly so) to stand up for what we believe in instead of just silently being a part of the masses. Although it’s a great thing that so many of us have this feminist mindset and a craving for equality, there are also a lot of bystanders, like myself (guilty as charged), that don’t ever really take a course of action. Sometimes it’s not enough that we have an opinion on something, we need to act on these feelings to make a difference.

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